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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism on behalf of the endangered American people, from a Biblical Christian perspective-


"During the WANNSEE CONFERENCE held by high ranking Nazis in 1942, it was determined that SHOULD THE NWO AGENDA FAIL TO BE IMPLEMENTED WORLDWIDE through Nazi Germany, their ENTIRE AGENDA would be TRANSPLANTED TO AMERICA instead. That very same year, the OSS was established, the beginning of the CIA.
And through the CIA, thousands of Nazi war criminals were transplanted to AMERICA through OPERATION PAPERCLIP, their backgrounds erased and given new identities, TO CONTINUE THE NAZI NWO AGENDA IN NORTH AMERICA.  
From these people finally emerged the NWO/MARTIAL LAW AGENDA for North America.
Even as Hitler used prisoner trains and deathcamps to eliminate all political and religious opponents, so the same type of program has been secretly set up in America with prisoner boxcars with shackles and FEMA/DHS camps.
Actual guillotine used by Nazis and Hitler
Just as Hitler used modern GUILLOTINES to execute thousands of his political and religious enemies (like Sophie Scholl), even so the modern military guillotines are now found in America today, hidden in numerous military bases, waiting for their grim hour of unveiling under MARTIAL LAW...when it will be "DENY CHRIST AND JOIN OUR NWO...or DIE!" 
Christians in America, ARE YOU PREPARED???

The following is written for whom it is written. Some of you will understand perfectly everything I am stating, and others will not have a clue...until it is TOO LATE. It is sad how few Americans really understand what is going on behind the scenes, isn't it...? But SOMEDAY, they will....
However, I DO understand what is planned for my beloved nation under the future state of MARTIAL LAW. 

"THE ORDER" is determined to establish Satan's manifest kingdom on earth (THE NEW WORLD ORDER as described in REVELATION 13) at any cost, including THROUGHOUT NORTH AMERICA.
And this spells tragedy and persecution and martyrdom for millions of my fellow America Christians and all other NWO resisters...doesn't it???
But THE ETERNAL WORD OF GOD has something to say about Satan's dark plans for the world!

"THESE SHALL MAKE WAR WITH THE LAMB, AND THE LAMB SHALL OVERCOME THEM, for He is LORD of lords and KING of kings, and they [WE] who are with Him are CALLED, and CHOSEN and FAITHFUL!"
When you NWO advocates plan to murder millions of innocent Christians under future martial law (because they are "resisters of the NWO")you are in reality MAKING WAR WITH THE LAMB, whose children we are.

Those of us who have been given ETERNAL LIFE through faith in Jesus Christ, can never REALLY be defeated. Only our temporal bodies may be killed. But OUR REDEEMED SPIRITS ARE ETERNAL!
As the mighty hymn of German MARTIN LUTHER states,
"Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also, the body they may kill, God's truth abideth still, HIS KINGDOM IS FOREVER!"
I certainly know that everything I write and post online is monitored by the NWO agenda advocates. However, my heart breaks for you, for you are the greatest victims of all, of Satan's dark NWO deception.


You can NEVER escape the DAMNATION OF HELL, unless you repent of this evil agenda, and turn to God for His mercy and forgiveness through Jesus Christ, Who died for YOUR sins to be forgiven. Your NWO is already doomed to eternal wrath and destruction by ALMIGHTY GOD, and your damnation is just UNLESS YOU REPENT and get right with God.
I proudly stand with the saints and martyrs of Jesus Christ throughout the ages, who refused to bow the knee to Baal, refused to deny Christ, refused to worship Satan "the god of this world" and laid down their lives for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

And so, bring on your boxcars with shackles now found throughout America, and your modern guillotines in fulfillment of REVELATION 20:4, and your temptation to "...DENY CHRIST AND JOIN OUR NWO OR ELSE..."!
The Holy Spirit of Almighty God is raising up an army of Christian soldiers of the cross of Jesus Christ who will NEVER bow to Satan nor deny Jesus Christ, not even to save our mortal lives! Let me live for Christ and die for Christ!

As the Bible states,
"AND THEY OVERCAME HIM [Satan] by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB, by the WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY, and because they loved not their lives unto the death." (Revelation 12:11)
Thank God for the powerful words of inspiration of that great German hero of the faith, MARTIN LUTHER, in "A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD."
"Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also, the body they may kill, God's Word abideth still, HIS KINGDOM IS FOREVER!" Amen.
For the benefit of all you "OPERATION PAPERCLIP" people working feverishly YET futilely for the establishment of your NWO agenda in North America, I give you this great hymn in your native language, German. Remember these words of a fellow German, stating that GOD'S KINGDOM IF FOREVER, and NOT your NEW WORLD ORDER of Satan's!
"Das wort sie sollen lassen stan,
Und kein dank dazu haben,
Er ist bei uns wohl auf dem plan
Mit seinem geist und gaben.
Nehmen sie den leib,
Gut, ehr', kind und weib,
Laß fahren dahin,
Sie haben's kein gewinn,
Das reich muß uns doch bleiben."
I proudly stand with Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Sophie Scholl, and countless other saints and martyrs who resisted Satan's NWO manifested under the Nazis in GERMANY, against those who seek to re-establish that same satanic NWO agenda in my beloved nation, AMERICA. PLEASE TURN TO JESUS CHRIST TODAY FOR FORGIVENESS AND ETERNAL LIFE! Your NWO is doomed from the beginning, and your fate is eternal damnation WITHOUT CHRIST.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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