Monday, July 25, 2016



By Pamela Rae Schuffert, presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical, Christian perspective


AMERICA IS IN TROUBLE. And it doesn't look like it it is going to go away any time soon, either. In fact, it won't. And many Americans will suffer in the coming times of tribulation and crisis...and CHRISTIANS are not exempt! IF you live in this nation, crisis will come to YOU as well.

However, every Christian across America also KNOWS the greater truth, that OUR GOD IS GREATER than ANY crisis our nation can encounter! People of faith do not wilt when trouble comes. Rather, by FAITH they RISE TO THE OCCASION, rather then sinking down in despair. Every Christian is called to be MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!

The Bible declares that in these end times, God's people will be STRONG and do great exploits for His glory! And WHO will give them this mighty strength to OVERCOME? THE HOLY SPIRIT! 

"But YOU SHALL RECEIVE POWER after that the HOLY SPIRIT is come upon YOU..." Jesus promised His disciples.  Jesus also promised that His followers would perform ever GREATER works and miracles than ever before, because He was going to the Father. 

The divine Holy Spirit was then sent to earth when Christ ascended and returned to the right hand of God, bestowing POWER upon the followers of Jesus Christ. In every generation. God sends the power of the Holy Spirit into the hearts and lives of every believer, bringing HEALING, MIRACLES, WISDOM AND DISCERNMENT, and filling God's people with the life-changing TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST to boldly proclaim to a lost and dying world around us.


But Jesus Christ has declared repeatedly to His chosen people, "FEAR NOT, FOR I AM WITH YOU!" The Bible further declares, "God has NOT given US a spirit of FEAR, but of POWER, LOVE and a SOUND MIND." 

The Holy Spirit gives us POWER! He fills us with the mighty LOVE OF GOD that drives away that demon of fear. And God's power also saves every Christian from a mind filled with fear, doubt, and confusion.


Personally, I REFUSE to live a life driven by fear and despair and a sense of hopelessness. Life is TOO SHORT to be lived in bondage to negative thoughts and emotions! 

Jesus our eternal Savior came to give us LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY. He came to bring us JOY and strength to face another day with hope.

Throughout the many years of my Christian walk, filled at times with many challenges, dangers, even great loss, and suffering for His sake, I have refused to bow to the demon of FEAR and the sense of hopelessness it brings.

Jesus Christ is MY VICTORY!

Because of my investigative journalism and research throughout the years, I am in a position to know that America faces great tragedies and hardships. MILLIONS OF AMERICANS may suffer, and many may even die, with what is to come to this nation. Persecution of the saints, famine, war, earthquakes, oppression and more are coming to this nation. And some of this MUST COME FOR JUDGMENT as well.

But for the genuine CHRISTIAN, suffering is nothing new! Christians have suffered persecution and martyrdom from the beginning of God's kingdom on earth with Jesus Christ. And DEATH must come to every mortal on the face of the earth someday, saint and sinner alike.

HOWEVER, BECAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST, not one Believer needs to fear DEATH! Jesus suffered and died on the cross to bear the penalty of our sins, DEATH, so that WE MIGHT LIVE FOREVER! And then, HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD, bringing LIFE AND HOPE TO ALL WHO BELIEVE.

How wonderful that EVERY BELIEVER can face the future filled with PEACE and calm assurance that BECAUSE OF JESUS, we can endure and overcome whatever the future holds for each one of  His beloved children.

Some of you out there may be saying skeptically, "Well, it may be EASY for YOU to say, Pam, but if you ONLY KNEW MY PROBLEMS....!"

Ha ha ha! And if you ONLY KNEW MINE! 

A recent merchant error causing my bank account to be overdrawn by well over over one hundred dollars...PLUS recently losing my only source of income when a patient I provided care for had to be rushed to the emergency room and now hospitalized indefinitely...FINALLY resulting in several  trips now to the pawn shop just to obtain money for food and gas.

And NOW as a result, my dear friend and cancer patient Sylvia is now lacking critically needed multivitamins and other essential health foods for her daily care, as a result of all of the above. And yes, these things come to both the just and the unjust in this world we live in.

BUT I REFUSE TO YIELD TO DESPAIR, HOPELESSNESS, DISCOURAGEMENT AND DEFEAT! (And so does Sylvia, a powerful warrior of mighty faith in God.)

Instead, I am PRAISING GOD, and choosing to laugh at my circumstances, KNOWING that my Father in Heaven is BIGGER THAN ALL MY PROBLEMS!

Our problems in this world are indeed but temporal, and they shall all pass away as God's mercy and provision lifts us up from every crisis we may face in this world.

Fellow Christian, I encourage you to take the time to pray and spend time in the presence of God, meditating on His Word, and finding PEACE and COMFORT and HOPE and FREEDOM FROM FEAR.

Christ Jesus has come into your life to bring VICTORY!

Let His victory over this dark world, become YOURS TODAY. You will never be the same, when you give your problems to Him and SPEND TIME IN HIS WONDERFUL PRESENCE.

Frankly, I no longer spend time worrying about "where America is going." End-Time Bible prophecy will be fulfilled, the nations will be judged...and that includes AMERICA.

Personally, I cannot save America...I cannot change America...ONLY JESUS AND HIS GRACE CAN.

However, as long as I know where I AM GOING someday, that is ALL THAT MATTERS ETERNALLY! Ultimately, I can only be responsible for MYSELF and where I AM GOING. And the same is true for YOU.

America may burn someday under the fiery judgment of God for sin...BUT THANKFULLY GOD'S PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE TO PERISH ETERNALLY! 

Honestly, is any Christian living in America foolish enough to believe that AMERICA WILL NOT BE JUDGED BY A RIGHTEOUS GOD??? 

There is a popular televangelist, not from the USA, who is actually preaching that "GOD WILL NOT JUDGE AMERICA!" Blasphemy! Heresy!

This televangelist will find NO BASIS for this heresy in the WORD OF GOD. ALL OF THE SINS that caused a just and holy God to judge ancient ISRAEL and JUDAH, can be found in far greater abundance IN AMERICA. 

Does Almighty God CHANGE to suit our whims??? NEVER!


God will JUDGE AMERICA for every drop of innocent blood shed throughout the ABORTION CLINICS OF AMERICA. Over 50 MILLION innocent children have been butchered because of ABORTION in the USA, since ROE VS WADE.

God will JUDGE AMERICA for the crimes against humanity committed in numerous foreign nations for our unjust wars, regime changes and hegemony agendas that have destroyed the lives of MILLIONS.

God will JUDGE AMERICA for turning from Him, to worship abominations, as with the numerous SATANISTS THROUGHOUT AMERICA. Hundreds of thousands of innocent victims are abducted and brutally raped, tortured and murdered on the satanic altars of America annually.

When America and her leaders worshiped, feared and served the Living God of the Bible and upheld His commandments, MERCY and BLESSING was written over this nation.
But when this nation lifts up itself in defiance of God and His commandments, begins to persecute His elect, oppresses the freedom of PRAYER and CHRISTIAN SPEECH, and chooses leaders who also live in willful sin and defiance of the Living God, then JUDGMENT AND VENGEANCE are written over AMERICA!
Yes, sadly America may go down in judgment eventually, but God's chosen people, THE CHRISTIANS, are DESTINED TO GO UP!!!

Thank God, CHRISTIANS will not be judged with the world and the wicked.


So Christian, 
get RID of your fears, 
and instead rejoice that Jesus has promised 
than the judgments that MUST come 
to an unrepentant world...
and to AMERICA...
for SIN.

"For God has not destined us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through Jesus Christ."

"Welcome home!"




~Jesus Christ~

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Thursday, May 12, 2016

ICE Agent Commits SUICIDE, Leaves Warning Note of MARTIAL LAW COMING SOON!

Sources inside the New York City Police Department have revealed to SuperStation95, the contents of a suicide note found on the body and they are utterly frightening.
The note, which says it was written over the course of a full week in advance, outlines why the officer chose to shoot himself:  
"The America I grew up in, and cherished, has been murdered by its own federal government.  Our Constitution has become meaningless and our laws politicized so badly, they are no longer enforced except for political purposes" the note said.  "Our elected officials are, to a person, utterly corrupt and completely devoid of any love or respect for the country which pays them.  To them, everything is about getting and keeping power, and making illicit money from backroom deals."
The 42-year-old U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation officer shot himself with a 40 caliber service pistol inside Pier 40 in Hudson River Park at around 11 am. (1)
A source at the scene described how the officer calmly walked into the park, took out his  pistol and shot himself in the head.
A ICE federal agent fatally shot himself in the head at 
waterfront Chelsea park (pictured above) in New York Friday

ICE released a statement Friday afternoon: 'Tragically, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportation officer from the New York field office suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound and has passed away.'
It added: 'The agency is not releasing further details pending notification of the officer's next of kin.
According to the suicide note, the Officer said:
"I was hired to enforce the law; to capture and deport people who come to this country against our laws.  But now, if I dare to do that, I face being suspended or fired because our President refuses to faithfully execute the duties of his office.  Instead, I come to work each day, and collect a paycheck twice a month, for intentionally doing little to nothing.  I cannot and will not be party to this fraud; to this usurpation of the law, or to the despicable politicians betraying our nation"  the note continued.
ICE's Office of Professional Responsibility is reviewing the matter and coordinating with the New York Police Department on the investigation.
The agent worked at a field office in lower Manhattan, just blocks away from the scene of the shooting. 


In the suicide note, the officer revealed what he claimed are terrifying plans the feds have been finalizing:
"If the American people knew what this government is planning, they would rise-up and overthrow it. If I or anyone else in the federal government revealed what is coming, we would be killed anyway, so now I will reveal what I know.
We in federal law enforcement have been drilling for several years to control riots and uprisings from a coming financial collapse and widespread bank failures. The drills involve life-sized images of American men, even women and children, whom we are told to shoot for "practice" and to "get used to it."
We have been told that the economy is terminally ill and will fail in 2016. We are also told the banks are all insolvent and the FDIC doesn't have nearly enough funds to bail out depositors.  We are told these events are unavoidable and it is imperative that the government survive when people rise-up over this.
When the collapse takes place,  detention camps created under the FEMA REX-84 program in the 1980's to house illegal aliens whom we were going to deport, will instead be used to imprison American Citizens whom the government feels constitute a "threat."  American citizens will be rounded-up without warrants and imprisoned without trial for God knows how long.
These camps have been equipped to carry out Hitler-scale killings! An actual "purge" of Americans citizens by the very government which they, themselves, created and pay for!  I cannot be party to this."
The  Note goes on to say talk about state-level national guard being disarmed by the feds (4) and over 1 Billion rounds of ammunition purchased by the feds (5)   and the Military over-deployed and being shrunk(6) :
"The government knows the military will rise-up to stop this, so our military is being deployed overseas, intentionally involved in foreign fights, and deliberately shrunk in size so they cannot be here or help Americans! [Note- I have reported on this for manyyears. -PRS] This is why certain ammunition and weaponry has been removed from state-level National Guard Armories and over a Billion rounds of hollow point ammunition has been bought by the federal government. The states themselves have been disarmed of military-grade firepower so they cannot defend themselves from the federal activities.  This is also why local police departments have been militarized and provided with armored vehicles and weapons of war" the note says. 
"When the inevitable collapse begins to take place, electric power to the entire country will be shut off, as will all forms of communication. All banks will be immediately closed; no one will be able to get any money because all ATM's will be offline. Credit, Debit and EBT cards will not function.  Anyone without cash will have no way to get any.  The Emergency Alert System will be used to takeover all broadcast stations and tell the public this is a result of a cyber attack.  
But while the American people patiently await things to get back to normal, the government will unleash round-ups of citizens they deem militants or dangerous.  With all civilian communications out, and all TV and radio stations taken over by the Emergency Alert System, by the time word spreads of what is taking place, the government will already have the upper hand.

 Federal Prisoners to be GASSED TO DEATH
The note goes into a wide array of very specific plans and does so in extremely specific detail about what the feds are allegedly planning.  For instance, it talks about federal prisons:
"Every federal prison has been outfitted with lethal gas systems.  When things go bad, all prisoners in all prisons will be placed in their cells on lock-down.  Prison staff will depart the facility, and a certain designated person will trigger a lethal gas system.  All federal prisoners, regardless of their crime or their sentence, will be gassed to death in their cells. Once the gas clears, the dead will be removed and the prisons will then be used to house citizens who fight against the federal onslaught."


The note makes mention about Priests, Rabbis and Clerics from various religious denominations having been recruited and trained to quell resistance:
"So intent is the government to succeed they have recruited priests, rabbis and clerics from various religions to quote appropriate Scriptures about "obeying government."  They are being trained to tell people not to fight back and that their best hope is to pray."


The suicide note goes to great lengths about Executive Order #13603 signed by President Obama on March 16, 2012.  The note details:
Executive order 13603 about “National Defense Resources Preparedness.”
This 10-page document is a blueprint for a federal takeover of the economy.  Specifically, Obama’s plan involves seizing control of:
*  “All commodities and products that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals”
*  “All forms of energy”
*  “All forms of civil transportation”
*  “All usable water from all sources”
*  “Health resources –  drugs, biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities, health supplies, services and equipment”
*  Forced labor ( or “induction” as the executive order delicately refers to military conscription)
Moreover, federal officials would “issue regulations to prioritize and allocate resources.”
 SuperStation95 took a look at this Executive Order from the Government Printing Office (GPO) web site and, sure enough, everything contained in the Officer's suicide note  about this Executive Order is true!
To be sure, much of this language has appeared in national security executive orders that previous presidents have issued periodically since the beginning of the Cold War.
But more than previous national security executive orders, Obama’s 13603 seems to describe a potentially totalitarian regime obsessed with control over everything.  Obama’s executive order makes no effort to justify the destruction of liberty, no effort to explain how amassing totalitarian control would enable government to deal effectively with cyber sabotage, suicide bombings, chemical warfare, nuclear missiles or other possible threats. 
There’s nothing in executive order 13603 about upholding the Constitution or protecting civil liberties.
In what circumstances, one might ask, would a president try to carry out this audacious plan?
Executive order 13603 says with ominous ambiguity: during “the full spectrum of emergencies.”


The suicide note touches on the subject of "Preppers:"
"We in federal law enforcement have also been told that the government has a full database of all so-called "Preppers." Those people will be dealt with first -- by armed federal agents coming to take their guns, then their food stocks, so food can be re-distributed as the government sees fit." 
 If the dead Officer's claims about an unavoidable economic and banking collapse are true, would it then follow that the Executive Order put in place by Obama, might be activated?  Would all of us find ourselves in forced labor, while the government takes OUR food and re-distrubutes it under the Executive Order's paragraph about "allocating resources?"  This is terrifying stuff!
There is much more to the suicide note and SuperStation95 is considering how much more to publish.  As such, this is a developing story and readers should check back for further updates.


It is not our intent to cause panic or alarm and while we expect readers to be intelligent enough to discern this on their own, we feel compelled to point out that these could simply be paranoid ramblings of an insane person who killed himself.  
On the other hand, these could also be revelations by a person who was so distraught over the ugly truth, that he killed himself.  We at SuperStation95 just don't know.
We urge everyone to stay calm, think rationally, and decide whether or not to take any action to prepare, in case this person's suicide note is telling the truth.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

May 5th, 2016-


Famed YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK lies partly in the state of Montana, and also in Wyoming. YNP was established as a national park by Congress on March 1st of 1872. This was done to preserve the unique wildlife and geothermic features found throughout the park.

Yellowstone is actually the location of an active supervolcano, of the type called a CALDERA. While many volcanoes form cone-shaped mountains, like Mount Vesuvius in Italy, Yellowstone's magma  rests in a cauldron or caldera-shaped region beneath the surface of the earth.
Therefore, when this Yellowstone supervolcano finally erupts, huge chunks of earth above the hot magma will be blasted into pieces, soaring as high as 50 miles into the earth's atmosphere, to then rain down as Biblically described "fire and brimstone" bringing death and destruction everywhere it lands. 

Say goodbye to Yellowstone's rich ecosystem, it's wildlife and forests and all it contains. Say farewell to cities adjoining YNP, such as Cody, WY; Jackson Hole, WY; West Yellowstone and Bozeman, MT, plus many others. Their inhabitants may all meet the same fate as the victims of Mt. Vesuvius who lived in nearby cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 AD.
Ancient Pompeii, excavated by archaelogists

In fact, some researchers have estimated that everything living within a 600 mile radius of the Yellowstone supervolcano would die from exposure to the super-heated toxic PYROCLASTIC FLOW of deadly gases pouring from the explosion.

Such pyroclastic flows are what killed the people of Pompeii and Herculaneum when Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. Researchers now know that the high temperatures of these toxic gases, moving at high speed and hugging the ground, instantly killed everyone who came into contact with it. 

Below is a photo of recovered skeletal remains of victims in Herculaneum, whose flesh was instantly melted off their bones as brains boiled within their skulls, causing them to finally burst as they were overtaken by deadly pyroclastic flows whose temperature could reach 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Traveling at a speed of up to 450 mph, no one could hope to outrun such deadly heat in time to escape from death.
The people of Pompeii were also killed by the deadly pyroclastic flow, but the temperature was significantly cooler, approximately 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Their bodies were instantly "cooked" yet remained intact as they became buried under volcanic ash and pumice, to be rediscovered many years later by archaeologists uncovering the remains while researching this ancient yet well preserved city.
After researching what happened to the inhabitants of two ancient cities due to a powerful volcanic eruption, it becomes fascinating to ponder what might happen right here in North America SHOULD a supervolcano like YELLOWSTONE ever erupt in our lifetime. 
Fresco depicting one couple in Pompeii

Could their fate someday become OURS in North America??? Only time will tell...and something to ponder and pray about!

Moving rapidly along...

Yellowstone National Park is legendary for it's famous wildlife inhabitants, including the BUFFALO that often rule the park's roads. Tourists do the craziest things in America's national parks, including treating the wildlife as if they were tame. Every year, tourists get gored, tossed and trampled by the buffalo as they approach them to take photographs.
My recent photograph of a buffalo at YNP

One souvenir store employee at Old Faithful told me about a woman who performed a ballerina dance in front of a buffalo as her husband filmed it. "It seems the buffalo did not like her performance and then charged her, goring her and tossing her. She ended up spending 6 weeks in the local hospital, where I went to visit her..." 

Another employee told me about a Japanese couple who tried to put their little boy on the back of a buffalo so they could then take his picture. And another person told me about the man who walked up to one buffalo that was laying down under a tree. 

He then KICKED THE BUFFALO to make it stand up so he could take a picture of it standing! The idiot soon found himself running for his car, chased by the angry buffalo. He barely made it to safety. Unbelievable! 

I was informed that the MEDEVAC helicopters have to make at least one flight a day to the local hospital in Bozeman, with injured tourists who seemingly lack the common sense of a donkey. Yet, the warning signs are EVERYWHERE here at Yellowstone NP!
Every summer, tourists who ignore the warning signs posted everywhere, find themselves injured or dead. They lean over too far and fall into boiling mud pots. They topple over walls into raging creeks and waterfalls. They get into the faces of bear, moose, elk and buffalo to "take their pictures" and get attacked. 

When will people ever learn? And yet, this continues to happen every summer at Yellowstone NP. People suffer and perish needlessly, in spite of the warning signs everywhere.

You know, the same thing is true in America spiritually as well. 

Every day across our nation, people are perishing eternally needlessly, YET the warning signs can be found EVERYWHERE. There are thousands of churches across America, and millions of Bible as well. The message of Jesus Christ is being preached on radio stations and television nationwide. 

God's Word clearly WARNS MANKIND 
of what will happen to people 

Many Americans have heard the Gospel message of salvation, whether on radio or television, or in church or from a friend. Yet, how many then choose to mock God's warnings and to continue to live in defiance of His commandments and His Word??? 

There are many people who know the truth and yet reject it, determined to live a sinful lifestyle, and confident that they will never be punished or face judgment for their sins.

Youth in America headed towards hell in the fast lane...


And just like the foolish tourists here in Yellowstone NP, who ignore the warning signs and get bitten by bears, or gored by buffalo, who fall into boiling mud pots and topple into raging creeks and waterfalls, ALL BECAUSE THEY IGNORED THE WARNING SIGNALS, so shall people who IGNORE GOD'S WARNING SIGNS get seriously hurt...and many perish eternally in the end.

What happens when you ignore the warning signs...

On this recent trip to Yellowstone N. P., I walked with my friend Sylvia upon boardwalks positioned over beautiful but deadly boiling geothermal hot springs. I discussed with her how my father had almost fallen in many years ago, as he tried to capture pictures of these sights. 
The MEDEVAC Rescue Helicopter
I also shared what I learned while working in Yellowstone N. P. one summer, how at least our tourist get MEDEVAC'ed out of the park by helicopter to the local hospital, due to disobeying the rules and warning signs posted everywhere.

While walking last week on the boardwalk over the boiling mudpots, I noticed a little boy walking with his grandmother ahead of us. She warned him that the ground was hot and soft and not to get off the boardwalk. 

But after hearing this, I watched in disbelief and horror as he deliberately climbed off the boardwalk and onto the dangerous ground near one hot spot. I had to speak out.
My photo taken recently of geothermal springs in Yellowstone N. P.

"Get back on that boardwalk! A little boy fell into one of these hot pools and was boiled to death and his body was never recovered! LISTEN to your grandmother!" 

When this child heard about the other little boy, 9 year old Andy Hecht ,who was killed in such a hot pool in Yellowstone N. P., he got scared and immediately climbed back onto the boardwalk. "I don't want that to happen to ME, " he said to his grandmother as he quickly rejoined her on the safety of the boardwalk.
Crested Pool, site of little Andy Hecht's tragic death

Friends and readers, this is exactly WHY I take the time to share such urgent warnings with you. As with little Andy Hecht, once he fell into the deadly boiling springs, IT WAS TOO LATE TO RESCUE HIM. And so it is with ETERNITY.

" is appointed unto every person to die ONCE, and after that, to face JUDGMENT..." Hebrews 9:27a

No, there are NOT endless cycles of "reincarnation and karma" awaiting every person after death. This is a false concept from eastern religion pagan beliefs developed before Jesus appeared on earth. 

Every person will face an eternal 
HEAVEN or HELL after death!

I take the time to share with you this warning, because I love people and I care about where they will spend ETERNITY...and so does Almighty God! 

And that is WHY he sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, into this dark and sinful world. It is NOT HIS WILL that even ONE person should be lost and perish eternally.

But HELL is where SIN will take every person. God is a HOLY God, and no sin can abide in His presence. And in order to make people free form sin and holy, God sent His Son to die on the cross for OUR sins, to take our punishment for our sins upon Himself, so that we may the be made holy and right with God once and for all. 

As Jesus said,

"For God loved the world so much, that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall NOT perish, but HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.

"For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that through Him, the world might be saved. The person who believes in Him is not condemned, but the one who does not believe is condemned already, because that person has not believed in the only begotten Son of God." 

(John 3:16-17)

Many of my readers know what I have reported on for the last 20 years now. I know that a terrible police state called MARTIAL LAW is planned for America. I realize that because of America's meddling in the Middle East and other foreign nations, America faces WW III and foreign invasion as a consequence. I am also aware that terrible persecution is planned for the Christians of America, leading to martyrdom for many.

But am I afraid of death? No. For the born-again Christian who has received eternal life through Jesus Christ, death can hold no fears. I shall live forever!
Jesus has brought me safely from sin and death, 
45 years ago, I repented of my sins and gave my heart and life completely to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. The eternal word of God PROMISES us that whoever believes in Him IS NOT CONDEMNED, but has ETERNAL LIFE.

My research has uncovered the dark plans to arrest Christians under martial law, and to haul them by prisoner boxcars with shackles to FEMA camps for termination. CIA and other insiders have told me all about this personally. 

Military insiders, including Pentagon, and actual military trainers have confirmed to me the presence of modern-day guillotines to behead all who offer resistance to the NEW WORLD ORDER and under martial law in America. Christians again will be heavily targeted, due to the fact that their beliefs forbid them to participate in a world government and cashless society under Lucifer's control.

I AM A CHRISTIAN! I am an admitted "resister of the NWO." And I have encouraged God's people to become aware of such plans and to stand firmly against Satan's plans for America...and the world. This certainly qualifies me for persecution and death under the NWO. 

BUT GOD'S PLANS FOR ME ARE GREATER THAN THE DEVIL'S! And so are God's plans for YOU, dear friend!

The Bible tells me I am MORE than a conqueror through Jesus Christ! 

The Bible tells me that Jesus Christ defeated Satan and his power, through His death and resurrection! 

The Bible tells me that NOTHING can separate me from the love of God, and that NO ONE can pluck me out of God's hands!

In this hour when America faces economic collapse and judgment from within and her many enemies without, I enjoy perfect peace, and SO CAN YOU.

"MY PEACE I GIVE UNTO YOU," declared Jesus to His followers.

TODAY is your day for salvation! If you have never received Jesus Christ into your life, so TODAY.  For the sake of your eternal soul and where it will someday spend ETERNITY, repent of your sins and ask Jesus to come into life.

For you do not know what tomorrow may bring..or even later today. Don't make a fatal mistake that will cost you FOREVER. Jesus is waiting for your decision now!


-Pamela Rae Schuffert, grateful for all God has done for my life, and what He has done for millions of others as well..and for what He will do FOR YOU today!